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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Suzuki Satria F-150

Suzuki Satria F-150 owned by daniel Manikoe, I have 150 more cc. But, the swelling so blessed Bore 218 cc engine made up. Why, if I agree so replaced Satria F-218? He .. he .. he ...
Irfan pleased that this formal dress, no special reason why to do that! "Because I really like the speed. And, there was a special mission do. This verification problem, "the man I lived on Jl. Sukasari III, Bogor, West Java.

Mission-specific problem, please see the box'160 km / hr more. Ya go! Learn a number of which is 218? like this, the previous Satria this 150 cc, more discovery piston 70 mm made in Izumi.

724satria f 150cc that means, have more piston diameter 8 mm from the default. Not to mention, from the stroke or the piston! Yes, because the stroke in the property Irfan Satria F also touched.

"Now is no longer 48.8 mm, but increase 8 mm. 56.8 mm in total so "timpal Yoyonk, owner of Lucky Motors 725satria-fu-dvd-5.jpgJl. Sukasari I, No. 25, Bogor. Nah, this is the workshop that the Satria garap machine well in a street race around the track Bogor.

Now let's count! With piston diameter of 70 mm and 56.8 mm stroke, the engine capacity of 218.2 cc so now. Although Bore made up quite extreme, modif applied are still safe for daily lho. How follow-up? There more informations

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